Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Sillies

* Here we have "Crazy Crayon Toes" and the new fashion craze that Josie is trying to get started.

This morning, Sadie was looking out the door onto the deck when she yelled, "Mommy! Quick! Unlock the door and bring me my BEE-noculars!" She proceeded to bird-watch for 30 whole minutes, spotting a Red Robin, a Cardinal, and a Squirrel-bird.

After they were all dressed and ready to go to Grandpa's house, Josie made a sloshing appearance in my room... her head was completely soaked with water. Sadie explained that Josie had held her head under the water dispenser in the refrigerator door. I do not understand my child! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008


The other day we went shopping and I was trying on clothes in the fitting room. Seeing as how I am 9 months pregnant, trying on clothes was not the best idea in the world to begin with! Add to that the fact that I am super slow and klutzy, and you have 2 very bored and antsy little girls who are trapped in the fitting room. As I got close to being finished, I looked over and to my horror, Sadie was LICKING the mirror on the wall in the fitting room! Ugh! Ack! I went over and held her by the shoulders, looked right into her eyes, and said, "That is disgusting! You must never, never EVER EVER lick ANYTHING!" She stared right back in my eyes, paused for a second, and then said, "Not even a popsicle?"


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monster Masks

A couple of weeks ago we went to see a hockey game and the girls thought it was great. Mommy did not think it was quite so great simply because I spent most of the night waddling up and down the stairs to take one or the other of them to go potty! They had free hair painting, fake tattoos, and face painting for kids, and when I asked the girls what they wanted (thinking they'd ask for a butterfly or a heart or something girly) they BOTH wanted a mask! Especially Josie - Sadie at least wanted a rainbow mask, but Josie wanted a scary monster mask!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flower Children

On Saturday, Jesse took both the girls to a "workday" at church to help with spring cleanup. They wore their little gardening gloves and they worked their little butts off all day! They hauled mulch (and climbed/slid down the mulch pile), pulled weeds, and did lots of other stuff to "work on God's yard." They were there from 9am until about 4pm, and when they got home, they had to strip off in the utility room... Josie had mulch all the way down in her diaper, and Sadie's feet (she had on her garden shoes) were completely black (even between her toes). They immediately headed for the bathtub, then once they were all cleaned up, they collapsed on our bed with Jesse and all three of them zonked out and slept until 6:30. I had to force them to get up to eat supper, and then they went back to bed and slept all night. Jesse was so proud of them!

So today, it was a beautiful day outside (one of the first of the year) and silly me decided to do some yardwork. Since I can barely bend over now, it was NOT an easy task. Luckily, the girls donned their gloves, grabbed their rakes, and got busy helping me. It's so cute to see them digging, carrying sticks and leaves, pulling weeds, and being little gardeners! We put pinwheels all over the place, and then they drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. It was a lovely day :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

7 more weeks

Insomnia. It's driving me crazy. I keep waking up at at 3 am and I CANNOT go back to sleep until 6, when I might as well just get up! I'm sure it's linked to pregnancy. 7 more weeks. 7 more weeks. 7 more weeks. That's my new mantra.

We got back from NC late Sunday night... we had a rough trip, especially me. I felt so crammed into the car and SO uncomfortable that it was just ridiculous. Everything got on my nerves, and it seemed the only time I was really enjoying myself was when I was sleeping! Sheesh. 7 more weeks. 7 more weeks. The girls had a lot more fun than I did, which is how it should be, I guess! We went to the carnival on Tuesday with Papaw, Mamaw, my cousin Angela, and her little girl Lauren (she's between the ages of Sadie and Josie). They had a really fun time together and got to ride ponies, the merry-go-round, the race cars, and they climbed the crazy climbing thing (Josie was really good at this!). Mamaw also let them play the duckie game and Papaw bought them cotton candy. Wednesday, Thomas came home from work early and played with the kids for hours. He and Elizabeth and Josh came over and they all played outside, spinning around, running, playing ball, and getting all sweaty and hot. It was really warm out for 2 days (and SUNNY - YAY!) and they played while I sat out in the sun and read. The rest of the week was spent playing with Britt and Natasha (due with her 1st baby the same day as I am), zooming up and down the driveway at Papaw's house while he pushed them on the little car, eating Great Grandma's pinto beans, feeding the birds, playing in the fort at Aunt Sharon's house with Cameron and Caleb, wearing themselves out at Brenda's house with Chasity's kids, and generally having a good old time. Saturday was the baby shower that Angela and I had for Natasha, and though we got a late start and had to RUN to finish everything on time, it went well and we had a great turnout. The girls had fun playing in the toyroom with Hailey, and then they took turns "helping" Natasha open her presents and "modeling" them for everyone to see.

All in all, it was a good trip. Only my hormones and I had a rough time! :)