Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The "Halloween Bean" and "Sader-Boo!"

Need I say more? :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Lost Book of ... Jack?

I've been teaching Sadie the 23rd Psalm. Tonight, when I was putting her to bed, we said it again. I would start it and she would fill in the words that I left out, ie: "The Lord is my ____" and she'd say "shepherd." This went on until we got to the part where David writes, "he restoreth my_____." Sadie said "soul," but then went on to add, "and he JUMPS over the candlestick! Hallelujah!"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh, Nuts.

Josie is a nut. I think she must take after her Great Grandpa Ralph. Or someone on Jesse's side that I don't know... she's so silly. I mean, she'll find something (pants, bucket, shoe, cone, etc.) and she immediately puts it on her head and tries to find somebody to laugh at her. Last night she was snuggling against my chest before bed, and then turns around, grins up at me, and "zoop!" shoves her finger up my nose. Then she laughs... hard. Next, "wham!" she headbutts me right in the forehead. Conk. It hurt! And she just laughed! It's going to be fun watching her and Sadie grow up together. We've already determined that Sadie is a nut too! I guess 2 nuts were bound to come from the family tree, since they have 2 squirrely parents. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

What's That Smell?

The other night we sat down for supper and Sadie stops, looks around, wrinkles her nose and says, "Hmm. I smell Pepsi."

Today, Josie singlehandedly opened the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and proceeded to climb up to the top at fast as she could, while looking over her shoulder and laughing. This is not good!

Last night, nobody got ANY sleep. First, Sadie woke up crying around 1:00am and ended up in bed with us. Next, Josie started screaming intermittently, and I was up and down, up and down, going into her room to rock her. This went on for hours. Around 4am, I put her back down and went to bed again. I was almost asleep when I heard this horrible, awful, scary weeping, wailing, and howling from upstairs. I cannot tell you exactly how erie and creepy it was, but it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Jesse and Sadie both woke up and heard it, too.... I was frozen for a minute, just listening... it was like a banshee! I'm ashamed to say that I was scared to go upstairs. I'm such a weenie. I finally picked up the phone and called Mama's cell phone - it took a long time for her to answer, and I was almost ready to go upstairs to make sure she wasn't dying, even though I was creeped out. Finally, she picked up and she was all out of breath. She said she'd had a nightmare and her heart was pounding... I guess she'd woken herself up screaming. Anyway, she wouldn't tell me what the dream was - she said she didn't want to talk about it. THEN, she asked me to make sure that all the doors were locked. So I was totally freaked out. I was sure she dreamed that someone was trying to axe murder all of us, so of course I couldn't go back to sleep. I was up all night. I think I slept two hours last night. Good grief. I'm going to bed now - after I check all the doors. :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're Ba-ack

Where to begin? We just got back from NC, and we have begun to move Mama's stuff in upstairs. I am pooped. We left there at 9 this morning (or I should say, we TRIED to leave). People kept coming by to say goodbye, give us groceries, money, well wishes, toys for the kids, etc., etc. The generosity of my southern roots never ceases to amaze me. :) We finally got on the road around 10:15. Sheesh.

The trip down was fine, even though I went about 50 mph the whole way. My car was making this weird roaring noise - wheel bearings, I was told - Jesse shipped the parts to Daddy and he fixed it for me while I was home, but I was ultra-paranoid on the way down. The kids were great, all the way there, and we only had to stop once. Sadie nearly jumped out of her skin when we got there, she was so stinking excited to see her beloved Grammy. Josie, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to be spoiled, spoiled, and double-spoiled by Great Grandma Genevieve. I tell you, it gets worse every time.

Good things that happened:
1. Josie started walking!!! I knew it. I KNEW she would start walking while we were there. Her very first, tentative little steps were at Grandma's house, toward Uncle Thomas, of all people, hehee. This was on Saturday the 7th. After that, she kept getting a little braver, and she walked toward Papaw, me, WITH Sadie (although Sadie went a little too fast and yanked her down), and toward Grammie, Mamaw, Josh, and Elizabeth. And maybe Nettie, too. I can't remember everyone. The fact is, she did it, and you should see the proud little look on her face when everyone claps and yells, "Yay for Josie-Bean!" It is so cute.
2. Sadie got to ride the tractor again... and THIS time, she got to steer. This was the time of her life. She also informed me that "Papaw held me on his lap up there on the BIG tractor to keep me safe because that can be DANGEROUS." I was happy to hear this.
3. Melanie was home for a visit, and I got to go to not one, but count 'em, TWO of her baby showers. This was a big deal, since she lives even farther away from home than I do.
4. We went to the greatest place on earth to eat (again). We go with Papaw and Mamaw almost every time we go home. I had turnip greens, pinto beans, stewed tomatoes, fried chicken, cathead biscuits, and numerous other artery-hardening delicacies. Yum. Sadie and Josie preferred the homemade applesauce and the dumplings.
5. We got Mama all packed (for the most part) and up here. I can't believe she's actually here... but there she is, sitting in the living room, watching NASCAR. Ahhh. It feels more like home already.

Bad things that happened:
1. We all got sick. I have horrible head congestion and a cough. Sadie got sick on the way to church Sunday and Daddy and I ended up taking her to the emergency room. Ear infection. Blah!!! When we got home from the hospital, Josie had a fever of 102. For pete's sake. There was mucho crying, fussing, yelling, medicine-taking, and whining (mainly from me).
2. We missed our family reunion because we were all sick. I was so mad. I actually stopped by for about 20 minutes just to say hey to my cousins as I was going to Walmart for more children's Tylenol. I also grabbed some banana pudding and potato salad for the road. Hey, sick people still have to eat.
3. My cousin-in-law got shot through the foot with a nail gun.
4. I almost caught Grandma's house on fire when I left her heating pad in the microwave too long. The good news: we caught it in time. The bad news: The house smells like charcoaled rice, and may continue to smell that way indefinitely.

Oh, another good thing? I'm actually glad to be back in my own house! (I kind of missed Jesse a little bit, too, but don't tell him :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Wild Life

Well, we spent the night for the first time last Sunday, and the girls did great. I thought they would freak out a little bit, being in a new place with new stuff... but they snuggled right in - Josie into her new crib (Sadie's old crib) and Sadie into her freshly painted, new white "big girl bed" (a toddler bed from Aunt Becky and Uncle James). They also helped unpack their clothes, books, and toys. By "helping," of course, I mean that I unpacked and put away while they pulled off shelves, out of drawers, and generally wreaked havoc. :)

In the week since we've been here, life has been pretty good, if a little chaotic. Sadie likes her new room so much that she ASKS to go take a nap in her big girl bed. Josie is having a great time crawling around and exploring everything... her favorite part seems to be the tall, low windows - she can stand up and look right out of them.

There is a plethera of wildlife around this place, which is weird, since it's smack in the middle of suburbia. There are 6 deer that LIVE right here. Two mommies, and 4 little ones. They eat in the backyard and sleep in the flower garden in front of the house. It's kind of weird to look out the window and see them just sitting around like they own the place :) There are also 3 raccoons that live in the giant oak tree out front... along with a bajillion mean little gray squirrels. Mean, you ask? YES! As soon as you go outside, the little boogers start chattering, squealing, and chucking acorns at your head. They got me twice already. The first morning we woke up and right outside the french doors in our bedroom, we could see 2 mallard ducks - a male and a female - swimming in the "pond" right behind the deck. Surprisingly enough, our enormous dog hasn't scared everything away yet. I hope they all stay (with the possible exception of the mean acorn-chuckers).