Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bible Camp Bloopers

This week we've been going to Bible Day Camp at our church, accompanied by 2 of our neighbor kids (and Sadie's and Josie's best pals, Bohdi and Gwendolyn). Although we've had to get up way too early for our liking and sleeping in our clothes so we don't have to get dressed in the mornings, :) it's been fun so far. Here are some fun things heard around church and the car rides home this week:

When shown a picture of a little girls picking up pieces of 'manna' on a coloring page, Adelaide said, "Wook! Peanuts!"

Josie informed me on the playground today that in HER class, they made some kind of special cookies like God makes and sends down to the Israelites from the sky, and when she went back inside, they were all going to eat "mayonnaise!"

Sadie, after a backseat discussion with Josie regarding whether or not Adelaide could play dress up with them once we got home: "Well, I suppose we could tie some pants around her neck and she could be Superman...."

Grandma Beth unleashed her inner actress and played the part of Moses during our opening ceremonies on Monday. Dressed up in her robe with a staff and a full white beard, she kept saying, "Let my people go!" to Pharoah. All the while, ADELAIDE kept pointing at Moses and saying, "Grandma! Beard! Grandma! Beard!"

Honesty, Present Tense

Josie slunk into my bedroom, hands on her hips. One foot stuck out in front of her, she looked me right in the eye and said, "Mommy. I cannot tell a lie. I snooped and I found two of my birthday presents and I saw them and I know what they are but I had to tell you the truth. You can keep them and give them to me next year if you want to because by then, I will probably forget what they are."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Say What?

Adelaide to Mommy during a tickle marathon on the bed: "Pause it! Pause it!"

Josie in the car on the way home the other night, totally unprompted: "MOOOOooo, says the cow into the darkness."

Sadie, knowing she was in trouble for some random naughtiness: "Mother, I have no idea what you're talking about."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer update

Summer is going by at lightning speed. Whatever happened to the lazy days of summer? I can't believe July is pretty much half over with already. Since this baby is rapidly depleting my already lacking memory, I will try to recap some of our summer events so far... but I'll probably forget a lot of them.
We've taken several trips to the park, but the girls really had a good time when the 4 of us had a "garage sale day," visiting neighborhood sales, buying cookies and lemonade, and letting them spend their very own money on little treasures. We had a little picnic at this park with a giant slide that goes down a huge hill...even though we were approached by a policeman who was looking for a biting dog on the loose! Sadie and Josie immediately started running around warning people about the "rabied dog" in the park. :)

We visited Captain Willie the Great Lakes Pirate one day at the library and learned a lot about the Great Lakes and water safety... but not so much about pirates! The girls (including Adelaide) thoroughly enjoyed the "AArrghs!" and dancing the chicken dance with a goofy guy dressed up like a pirate. It was fun, I have to admit.

We went to see the fireworks on the 4th and the girls had a great time waving their "Merican flags," blowing their crazy sounding patriotic horns and singing "Oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of GWAIN!" Josie made her very own red white and blue necklace out of this really cool artsy clay that we baked in the oven, too. Our evening was pretty relaxed and laid back, and Jesse did a great job zipping us through the traffic. We got home in a record five minutes!

On the Monday after the 4th, we bought the girls this fantastic bunk bed, though it has so many components I hesitate to call it that. We got a GREAT deal on it, and the girls are loving it. However, we had to switch rooms...now they are in what used to be the school room and the school room is now in what used to be their bedroom. There was MUCHO moving and organizing and switching around that whole week. I am still not completely done, but their room looks pretty cool and they like it a lot... even though Sadie (who is supposed to be on the full bed on top) usually ends up sleeping on the bottom twin bed with Josie. The first night was scary for them, being upstairs for the first time all night, and when Jesse went to check on them he started laughing when he found Josie sleeping on the floor in the doorway under the hall light. Sadie loves playing on the top bunk and cracks up every time I yell up at her, "HEY! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!"

Jesse has taken the girls fishing a few times (Sadie got to go perch fishing out on Lake Erie for the first time this year) already, and judging from the triumphant looks on the icky stinky fishy faces that come home from the pond, it looks like it's going to happen a lot more before the summer is over!

The whole family went to see the Bubble Lady, who was NOT a lady who lives in a bubble, but a lady who does all kinds of crazy stuff WITH bubbles. She was playing to a packed house, and our girls ended up right in the front. Jesse and I even had fun... it's so much fun to see a whole group of kids burst into spontaneous squeals and applause when they see a giant - and I mean GIANT - bubble. The best part for them, of course, was when they got to stand INSIDE a giant bubble.

Poor Adelaide took a literal "nose dive" and tripped on the driveway a couple of weeks ago, doing a FACE PLANT right onto the pavement. The poor kid didn't even have any scratches on her hands from trying to catch herself... she landed RIGHT on her nose. I have never seen her cry so hard over a boo boo before, so I know it hurt! At first I thought she had knocked her teeth out, she was so bloody and upset. She looked AWFUL for about a week and a half, but has miraculously healed since then... now her nose is just a bit shiny, which is actually kind of becoming on her. :) >