Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That's Just Ducky

Adelaide was having a very verbal moment the other day. Just when I got excited, though... well, look what happened.

Me: "Say duck."
Adelaide: "Uck."
Me: "Say Quack."
Adelaide: "Cack."
Me: "Say dog."
Adelaide: "og."
Me: "Say woof."
Adelaide: "uff."
Me: "Say cat."
Adelaide: "at."
Me: "Say Ma-Ma."
Adelaide: "Cack."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking for Work

I was trying to explain the importance of being a good mommy to Sadie and Josie, ie: I have to feed them healthy food, not feed them a lot of sugar, I have to be careful what they watch on TV, I have to make sure they say their prayers, etc. Josie said, "What will happen if you are not such a good mommy, Mommy? Will you be out of a job?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Worm Condo

Today, we planted lettuce borders around our flower beds. I'm thinking that if we keep the veggies closer to the house, maybe it will keep the bunnies farther from the veggies. We shall see. We used this stuff called Deer Scram, which supposedly works on rabbits, too... my tulips are still there (last year they were chewed off to a NUB) so I think it may be working. It smells HIDEOUS, though. Oh well, at least it's organic. The kids lost interest in the planting shortly after they discovered 5 worms in the dirt (it would've been 6, but Sadie accidentally pulled one apart when she was trying to get him out of the ground) and proceeded to "relocate" them to the worm condo currently under construction on the other side of the driveway. The worm condo consists of a big pile of mud, 2 watering cans, a hole, 4 muddy croc shoes, and 2 disgustingly dirty little girls wielding garden tools. Ick.

This afternoon, we made our semi-annual trip to the dentist for cleanings (for Sadie & Josie). Josie insisted that Sadie go first because she was "afraid that MY teeth will fall out, too." We love going to the dentist. The kids think that the moving chair, the tiny mirror, and the spinny brush that tastes like vanilla ice cream are THE BEST. I'm a lucky mom, I know - some kids would have to be tied up and bribed, threatened, and smacked to get them in the chair! Anyway, the hygienist once again recounted the evils of thumbsucking to Sadie, who just smiled and nodded and pretended that she was going to try to stop. Hah! I could tell what she was thinking - "Get me out of here so I can get my Snoopy and I'll show you how evil sucking a thumb can be!" Oh well. She can't suck it forever, right?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pa! It's Easter Day!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we had a nice church service and then a fun family lunch at Aunt Cindy's house. Well, it was fun for everyone but Adelaide, who skipped ALL her naps and was a bit of a grouch. Lydia and I hid our Easter eggs for the kids, and then we kept forgetting where we put them. Apparently, we're better "hiders" than we thought we were. When the kids took a turn and hid them from US, we realized that they really are smarter than we are! Their eggs were much trickier to find than ours were!

This morning we were playing "ponies" in the girls' room while Adelaide crawled around getting into mischief, eating plastic snakes, and busting her top lip on the floor. Suddenly, something smelled STINKY. It turned out to be Adelaide, but I didn't know that at the time, so I said, "Josie, I think you stink!" Meaning to say that she AGREED Sadie piped up instead, "I exist!"

Today at lunch, Jesse asked Sadie if she lost her other tooth yet (she has another loose one on the bottom). She said no, and then he asked Josie if she'd lost a tooth yet...she said no, and then he said, "Well, did you lose any hair?" She looked right at him and said, "No, did you lose EVERY hair?" Oh man, I laughed so hard. I don't think that she meant it in a mean way at all, but the way it came out was so stinking funny.

We've been listening to the Little House in the Big Woods on CDs that Sarah got Sadie for Christmas last year. The kids (especially Sadie) LOVE these stories. As soon as we get in the car, Sadie asks to start the CD, please! It's amazing how she sponges up these stories (along with the ones that Grammie, Mamaw, and Papaw tell her) and can repeat them to you almost verbatim! Today, when I asked her to call Daddy for lunch, she yelled up the stairs, "Pa! It's dinnertime!"

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who is it?

Adelaide is all over the place now, and she is really asserting her newfound sense of independence. She wants to eat only things that she can pick up, she refuses to let me change her diaper or her clothes without a HUGE fuss, and she flails her arms at any given opportunity to show her disgust and annoyance. Sunday at church, she actually smushed her face into the carpet and kicked her legs while she screamed - her very first temper tantrum, I think. I had to laugh, but I'm kind of concerned about the tantrums to come! She's pointing at everything now, which I think is SO CUTE! Her favorite things to "point out" are birds, Daddy, pictures on the wall, and magnets on the refrigerator.

Jesse told the girls about serving papers downtown and how the men always yell through the door, "WHO IS IT?!" So when we were on the way to the library the other day and I asked Sadie who her Storytime teacher was going to be, she yelled (in a low, growly voice like Daddy's) "WHO IS IT?!" I nearly had to pull off the road it made me laugh so hard.

This morning as Josie was drinking her cranberry juice and eating her yogurt, she said, "Mommy, how do they mash up crayons (she pronouned this as 'crans')to get cranberry juice?" A good question, I thought!