Monday, October 21, 2013

Catchin' Up

A few Sundays ago, Jesse was changing Jed in the nursery at church. Jed said, "I a man too!" Jesse laughed and said, "Yep, buddy, you're a man like Dad!" Jed said, "No, Dad! Wanna watch I-ron-Man 2!"

One of the things Jed says now that I don't want to forget is: "I want you snuggle me!"

Also, "I want salad!"

Also, after some southern influence: "Yay-us! Tay-ug! Nay-ow!" (Yes, Tag, Now!)

We were looking up in the sky at a jetstream and Jed said, "Whassat? I pull it down? I touch it?"

Adelaide: "Mom, have you ever been to The Outer Space? Maybe I will go one day."

Sadie to Dalton, running around in our backyard: "Hey, you run like a girl! And that's a compliment!"

Adelaide while watching King Kong, after we all had a good laugh at his googly eyes and lovey-dovey looks and then the girl gets away and Kong is furious: "Welp, I guess the smiling is over."

Josie: "I really want to catch that bird."
Me: "Just put salt on its talk and you can catch it."
"Mom. Are you serious? You can't be serious."
"Try it and see."
"Hey! Everybody! Get the salt shaker! Quick!"

Things you find in a little boy's pants pocket:
A squinky
A "fuzzy" from his blue blanket
A penny
A seashell
A rock
An acorn

Jed: "Dere's cweepy tings in da woods. Wike cwabs and wolfs and sharks and stwollers and soldiers and statues. Us be cwying in da woods!"