Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Funnies from February/March

S to j - you disgust me.

J - I want a chinchilla. Or one of those  hot dogs

A- I want strawberry oak meal for breftist

A - I'm just putting cheese dip upon my beans 

J, after giving Jesse rice Krispie treat: here dad, I didn't even lick it. 

A: My legs are going to eat you. 
They are very hungry. 

Jed: is dat ours car? 

Jed: wi wi wi wildkratts

A and S: Hark the barrel cracker sings, glory to the cracker king 

Wow! Look at that tree! They must 
really love god! 

S: no poopages allowed in this car! Jed: oh yes there is, Adelaide and Josie! 

Jed: I don't like potatoes very far. 

Sharon: I have some thing in my throat! Jed: a bug? 

A- a blue race car that's a commode control 

Jed: it was a accideent

Maybe it's another me - that's one thing I don't want!
Maybe it's a penis! 

S- bells on cocktail ring

Jed- I grow up? Yep, you're a little boy but you will grow into a man, like dad. 
You want to be like dad when you grow up? Or papaw, or grandpa, or pop-pop? 
Nope. I want to be like Jed. 

Josie-There's cheesy people in there - see there is people in there
The time has come- pond scum

Sadie- It's not just chocolate it's Turkish delight

Where dose thingajiggers? Jed

Everyone would be in love with me! -A
No! Not you Adelaide. Jed

Adelaide's insults: balloon breaker! Daisy-stomper! Candy-wrapper-eater! 

Jed's first alone shower 1/14/14. I use man soap. I a big boy. Now hold me like 
a baby and carry me to my room 

Sadie: he has a good sense of Homer. Like the odyssey, mom

I doin good. I fine

You my pecial mom in da whole wide world. 

If I die young bury me in breakfast. Lay me down on a bed of pancakes ... Sink 
me in some syrup at Dawn... Send me away in the words of some sausage 

No phones, no angry birds, no dragon city, no hay day. No cell phones, you 
wanted to talk to somebody you went to the phone that was stuck to the wall in 
the kitchen! A: well, did you have TOILETS?

Feist 1234 - Adelaide she's not very good at counting 

Dey have a real turtle dere! Jed

Discussing dating. What if you went out with a boy by herself and you didn't 
like him and he kept trying to kiss you? I think I would probably punch him in 
the face and kick it out of the car and take his keys and drive home. 

Josie dollar home I will still love you and I am old and when a teenager and I 
will also still want to even when you're 137.

Oh oh oh oh I want to go (to Ben's house) 

Josie: I gravel at your feet

Sadie: when I grow up I am not moving out until I get married. I'll tell you 
that. Of course then I will probably run out of money, and then I will come 
back. Yep that's probably what's going to happen.

I want to be like you said Josie you're really pretty and I like your voice and 
you're really nice and you're a good mom. Sadie I want to have a voice like you 
and to look like you and to have a heart like you and then I cried

Jed : yeah, ma'am (you're good at building, yeah I am)

A: repair to be amazed! (Inside her new toy box) 

Adelaide getting her abc and bible practice confused: ABCDEFG, Hosea, Isaiah, 
Jeremiah, K, Lamentations, MNOP

Jed, after falling down in the floor. Just stop it floor. 

 Singing, Lord my heart is set on you... Jed: oh, I will sit on you! 

A - are you saying I'm not friendly? Waitress talk 

A: jam in the door, Jed : yeah jelly in the door

Jed picking nose - a is it one of those rusty ones? Jed, pick pick... YES!! Got 

Best mom ever, after I got the reading lights

A: yawn... Whew, nap times calling my name 

Jed: can I watch pater rabbit? And that is a question mark? 

A: maybe it was a leprecoon 

A little bit of thunder, a little bit of lightning

Jed, after the train show - yeah, dere was a couple of twains. 

Jed: if I had a baby goat, I would name him Weasel. 

Adelaide, out of the blue: what does chap even mean anyway? I said chap? Or 
chat? How do you spell it? Adelaide I don't know. I can't read. I think you 
spell it J I D. I said that spells "jid." Hysterical laughing. Yeah, that's what 
I meant."

Josie, after I told her I would pay her to rub my shoulders and my sore neck, 
said well it only costs a quarter. I said that's a pretty good deal. She said, 
well, yeah. I used to sell hearts for a living, red ones that I cut out of 
paper. But that didn't turn out so well. I sold one to you and dad and grandpa 
and Aunt lydia. I made a dollar, but you can't live forever on a dollar. Guess I 
should move on to the next thing. 

Sadie: Jed, repeat after me. I am not a donut. I am not for eating.