Saturday, September 25, 2010


Last week, Grammie took it upon herself to teach Adelaide how to go potty. I told her it was pointless, that Adelaide keeps saying she has to go poop, but then she'll sit and sit on the potty and nothing ever happens. Well Grammie, in her infinite wisdom, parked Adelaide on her potty with the little step-stool in front of her AND a couple of books (Sam's Cookie, for one - her current favorite), and lo and behold, the stinker sat there for 20 mintues and finally yelled, "MOMMY! I POOP! POOP COMED OUT!" My mom loves to say I told you so.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a...

Well, we have a verdict! It really is A BOY! Dr. G showed us all of the little boy parts, and he was thoroughly convinced. He said that there was no possible way he was wrong, because "girls usually do not have these things!" He went on to say, "Yep, you've got a weinie in there!" And I, of course, being married into the Lansing clan, could not stop myself from saying, "Hey... that's how I got into this trouble in the first place." He cracked up, even though he was professionally trying not to. :) Now... to figure out what I am going to do with a little boy. Holy cow.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hands and feets

A few weeks ago, our brother-in-law James, aka "Uncle Stinky," came over to help Jesse bust up our old sidewalk outside the kitchen door and pour a new one. I REALLY wanted this to be done, since the old sidewalk was really icky and contributed greatly to the terrible amount of dirt and teeny rocks all over my kitchen floor. The process was very interesting and entertaining to the kids, who stayed outside watching pretty much the entire time. Watching and helping, I should say. They actually loaded up most of the broken up concrete into their green Little Tykes wagon and hauled it away... Sadie worked A LOT. Josie gets tired very easily, according to Josie. :) The best part, by far, was at the end when they decided they wanted to put their handprints in the newly poured cement. James and Jesse had the bright idea to put footprints in there too. I must admit, it turned out pretty cute!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I go back in two days to have my baby/pregnancy check-up, and it's pretty much my last chance to find out for sure what this baby is! If we can't tell this time, the baby will be too big for them to see anything by next month. Arrgh! I really really really want to know. Mainly because I have to have a PLAN. I wonder if this is God's way of saying, "Plans change. Don't make a plan, because I have the plan. Not you." This may be the case, but that won't stop me from breaking into tears if we don't have any results this Tuesday afternoon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hardy har har

My kids never cease to crack me up... except when they're driving me crazy, that is. These could go either way:

When Uncle Darryl brought over a friend of ours from out of town, they snuck up on Josie, who didn't know they were here. She immediately yelled out, "Yikes! It's a black man!"

At dinner the other night when Jesse sat down, Josie serenaded him with a loud, heartfelt rendition of "You're everybody's favorite guy!"

Sadie and Josie asked me how old I was when I started going to school. I told them that Grammie started sending me to school when I was three. Josie pondered this for a minute and then said, "Well, at least she's nice to her grandkids!"

Adelaide has taken the words "ding dong" into her vocabulary with a vengeance. If something makes her mad, it's a ding dong. For instance, when she can't get the door open, she'll yell, "Come on! Ding-dong door!"

Whenever she's surprised or excited, she'll say, with a roll of her eyes and a goofy grin on her face: "What-ta heck?!" and now she insists on wearing her "poke-it dot diapers" which match her "poke-it dot skirt" and "poke-it dot shirt."

Sadie really put me in my place last week when she said, "Josie, you be the dad, I'll be the mom, and Mommy, you be... well, you're chopped liver." Later on, on the very same day - she said, "You smell like a pig pen - I smell like a rose!"

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Crazy Barbie Teeth

The other day there was a woman in a convertible ahead of us at a stop light. Her license plate said "Barbie." I asked the kids if they thought she looked like Barbie. Josie said, "Yeah... Crazy Barbie!" I never realized they actually marketed that one... she comes with a syringe, a lobotomy cap and a straight-jacket. :)

Last night after they were already tucked in, the pitter patter of Sadie's and Josie's little feet came thumping down the stairs. Wrapped up in their blanket-capes, Sadie explains, "Mommy, Daddy! I think my tooth is going to come out. It's wiggling!...As a matter of fact, I think I'll yank it out right now." Pop! She pulled it RIGHT OUT! All by herself! Sheesh. Who needs help from Mommy around here, anyway?