Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ade-lady's Birthday

Where to begin? All day last Wednesday, I felt very weird... I went around hugging the girls constantly, writing them letters to read when they grow up, praying, etc. I guess I was just scared. Apprehensive would be a better word, I suppose. I couldn't sleep at ALL that night, which was just as well since we had to be up at 5:00am on Thursday morning to be at the hospital by 6:00. On the way, Jesse played some Lonestar song on the iPod which almost made me cry (probably not intentionally being sentimental, knowing my husband) while we watched this gorgeous sunrise coming up over the highway. When we got to the hospital (he totally utilized the maternity parking the whole time we were there) we went straight up to the 3rd floor and they checked us right in... I was the only one on the whole floor that morning, so we got plenty of attention. Something that helped ease my tension was noticing a plaque on the wall of the maternity hall: Psalm 139: 13-14, "You knit me together in my mother's womb; I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!" We got everything situated (gown on, IV in, monitor on, cathether in --ick --prayers said, etc.) by 8:00am. I kept telling them I had to pee, but the nurse said my bladder couldn't be empty when she put the catheter in so I should wait. Well, I waited and waited an WAITED and finally Jesse went out and got her. When she put it in, we saw her eyes grow wide with amazement as the bag just about completely filled up all at once. She said, "Whoa!! You really DID have to go!" Like I was making it up or something! At that point, my bladder felt like it was the size of a pea (no pun intended) PLUS I was nervous which makes me have to go anyway. Enough of that, though. So once that was done, Jesse got his scrubs on (which would barely fit over his giant shoes... apparently most doctors have tiny feet or something) and suddenly it was 8:35 and they came and got me and took me through the swinging doors to the O.R. The anesthetist (Dr. Donahue), whom Jesse thought was funny (when I asked if he would be in the O.R. the whole time, he said, "No... I usually leave to take a smoke break.") immediately got started on my spinal block, and got it in the very first time with no trouble at all. The only thing I felt was the little needle they used to numb me. It was surprisingly (and I was relieved, believe me) painless... my right side started going numb right away and they laid me back on the table and started putting up the drape in front of me. Before I knew it, the doctor came in, 2 nurses for the baby, 5 other helpers, and a paramedic in training (I told them I didn't care if he watched the surgery; I will probably end up calling him for help one day when my shoulder falls out). Jesse barely made it in the door before they started cutting! Suddenly, there was tugging, pulling, and voila! We heard Adelaide cry for the first time... which of course, made ME cry for about the millionth time in 9 months. Jesse said she was perfect, and that she looked like me but with the "Roy lip" and my Daddy's skin tone. They held her up for just a second so I could see her and the doctor said, "Happy birthday, baby!" She was so cute with her dark hair and olive skin and her scrunced up little face! The nurses took over with the baby and then it seemed like a LONG time before they finished sewing me up... When they finally did finish, they moved me to another bed and put Adelaide next to me while they wheeled us to our room. After that, everything is kind of a blur... I was SO sleepy, but I couldn't really go to sleep. I dozed in and out all morning and afternoon, but I don't remember much of what happened. My mom brought the girls in with their "Biggest sister" and "Big sister" t-shirts and they were SO excited to meet the baby. Sadie just stared and stared at her, and then whispered, "I think she's gonna break my heart!" Then Josie said, "She's so cute... she's just so cute. Hey! I need to see her feet." Then Beth and Sarah and Roy came, then Lyd and Darryl, Melissa and Caroline, Cindy and Becky... there were a lot of visitors, which was nice. Jesse brought us flowers and a huge purple butterfly balloon, just like I'd always wanted :). He had the world's most uncomfortable chair/bed, so he only stayed with us on Thursday and Friday nights. I mainly stayed in bed and tried to rest, but they feed you so much at the hospital I would barely finish one meal before it was time for the next one! The nurses were fabulous... I couldn't really have asked for better care - I think they were better this time than at the previous two hospitals I've had babies in. Adelaide was a little bit jaundiced, but not so bad that they had to treat her or anything; we were sprung from the joint on Monday around lunchtime, and Daddy picked us up to bring us home. Lots of people in the hospital, the elevator, and the sidewalk stopped to tell us congratulations and how cute she was on our way out. When we finally made it home, the girls were about to pop with excitement, and could not WAIT to hold their new sister!