Sunday, July 15, 2007

When Big Bird Attacks

Yesterday, we went to a big water park for the day. Sadie and Josie helped me pack a picnic, Daddy loaded up the wagon in the van, we picked up Aunt Lydia, and away we went! The girls both looked so cute in their little swimsuits and their pint-sized life jackets. Josie's kept creeping up on her neck until all you could see was her head and her squooshed little cheeks poking out the top, but boy, did we have fun! They both loved the wave pool and the water slides (Sadie would go down the huge tall scary ones if they'd let her). Then we had our picnic and Josie was attacked by a mean Canadian goose - it actually BIT her hand when it tried to snatch a chip from her. She was a little upset, as you can probably imagine... I mean, have you ever been bitten by a bird the same size as you? Anyway, after that, Sadie and Lydia took turns chasing the geese away, and Josie hid under the table with her chips. Sadie rode some of the rides all by herself, and Josie rode the spinning teacups with us... later we stopped for slushies and popcorn, and a good time was had by all!