Monday, January 21, 2008

Rainbow Charlie & The Muffin Man

Last week was our very first "honest-and-for-true" dance class (Sadie) and gymnastics class (Josie). The girls were very excited (especially Sadie because she got to wear her tutu out of the house). Josie had a bit of a meltdown when we first started class, but after a little prayer meeting in the bathroom, she settled in and had a good old time. They both had lots of fun, and they've been practicing up until we go back this week. Before we left for class that morning, Sadie said, "I don't need to go to class. I already know how to dance. Watch this!"

Grammy accompanied us to class, then when we got home, she sang Sadie a very unfortunate song... don't ask me why. She is my mother, you know... she's been doing crazy things my whole life and I still haven't figured her out! Anyway, now at any given time you may hear Sadie chanting, "No stwain, no pain, just sit and let it dwain, dia-we-ah, dia-we-ah." Good grief.

Josie has recently started counting and she can get all the way up to thirteen! We were so proud, and THEN we heard her start saying, "Uno-dos-tres, uno-dos-tres!" She knows how to count in Spanish, too! When Jesse told her she was a mess, she said, "Dat's what Uncle Thomas says to me. I not a mess! I'm a wittle gi-wuhl!"

We've been discussing the impending arrival of the new sister (or brother, if they're all wrong), and we think we're going to end up putting both of the girls in Sadie's room. We have not sold Josie on the idea at all. When we asked her if she wanted a brand new big girl bed like Sadie's, she said, "NO! I want my OWN bed!"

They went to the doctor with us on Friday to find out if it's a boy or a girl... there is no evidence to the contrary that it's NOT another girl. So, we're working on baby girl #3! Unless something pops up over the next 19 weeks or so, hehee. Sadie wants to name the baby "Rainbow Child" and Josie wants to name it either Charlie or Elvis. My friend Melanie said we should combine the two and name her Rainbow Charlie... I must admit, it has a nice ring to it.

This past weekend was Grandma and Grandpa weekend. Josie got them all to herself on Saturday night (she had tea party, a bath, stories, and an extra bonus of Deanna time) and Sadie went home with them after church and spent the night on Sunday (she also had a tea party and got to make a cool crafty necklace with Grandma). She was SO ready to go after church... it was cute - I found her standing in the hallway, coat on, hood up, suitcase in hand, staring up at Grandma. On the way home, we asked Josie what she learned in Sunday School. She said, "Nothing." I asked her if she learned about God... "Nope!" Jesus? "Nope!" Then who? "We learned about the Muffin Man! Jesse's hoping that they were talking about the baker who was in prison with Joseph. Otherwise... Josie must be zoning out in class!