Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I guess I actually forgot to record anything about Christmas - just the dismal aftermath :) As Sadie likes to say, "Baby Jesus is born!" and that's what I should be remembering instead of all the throwing up! So here goes:

Sadie sweet-talked Papaw into taking her to the "cook on the table place" for dinner, and the girls both ate like little Japanese pigs (although Josie kind of freaked out when the chef lit the grill on fire - "Ahhh!!! My eyes! Cover my eyes!") and then they made friends with another little girl at our table. Daddy thought it was funny that they were comparing all of their red painted fingernails as they discussed the fish in the pond together. It WAS cute to see a 2, 3, and 4 year old with their fingers stuck out, chattering like little old ladies.

Christmas Eve was like it usually is in NC... crazy, crowded, loud, boisterous, fun, and exhausting. The girls did a LOT of playing with their cousins... blowing bubbles with Josh outside (it was pretty warm down there), going nuts in the pack-n-play (Josie's bed a.k.a. the Lion's Den), and chasing around Bryce, Carson, Grayson, and Lauren at our Christmas dinner. Their other cousins were there too, but they weren't quite as sociable, heehee! They were having a rough night. We felt sorry for Josie for the first time that I can remember because her cousin Lauren kind of took up with Sadie and Josie felt a little bit left out. She kept trying to introduce herself, "I'm Josie! Hey! I'm Josie!" but Lauren didn't really care. Oh well... that's how it goes with 3 year olds! They had fun anyway, banging on the piano and crawling around on the floor under the food tables. Then, pandemonium ensued when we got to Great Grandma's house... as usual! The strange thing about it is that though loud, cramped, crowded places usually drive me crazy, when it's my family, especially at Christmas, I absolutely love it. Adam took all the kids outside to look for Rudolph's nose, which they still haven't stopped talking about.

We all somehow piled into Great Grandma's house for 5 days... Sadie ended up on the couch with Mama, Josie in the extra room, Grandma in her chair, and Jesse and I in the other bedroom, crammed into a double bed. From a king to a double is a rough transition, let me tell you!

We made the big announcement - Yes, we are expecting once again - well, I guess I should say that Sadie made the big announcement. She spilled the beans before I had a chance to tell everyone all at once... that was okay, except I knew that once ANYONE in town knew, EVERYONE else would know the next day. That's how it is down there. So I had to tell Daddy early (I wanted him and Sylvia to open the ultrasound picture as their special present on Christmas morning) so someone on his mail route wouldn't tell him the next day :)

We did have fun... we got to spend a little bit of time with Brian, whom Jesse hadn't seen since LAST Christmas, and we had a good time - it was almost like the good old days! My wonderful girlfriends rearranged all of their schedules so I would actually get to come to our Christmas lunch, and we had a blast, as usual. I think everyone assumed we were drunk, but we were just high on each other's company. :) All in all, it was a good trip.