Thursday, January 03, 2008

Big Girls' Club

Today we went to school (after both the girls escaped and went running down the driveway in the snow - they just can't help themselves) then I dropped them off to play at Grammy's while I went to work for a few hours. Jesse picked them up, and being the Greatest Dad Ever (according to his children) took them to McDonald's for nuggets, fries, juice boxes, and the all-important indoor playground. Jesse taught Josie to climb up the nets all by herself on the inside of the cubes to get to the slide, but she still said, "Help me, Sadie! Help me!" Sadie befriended a little girl who was 4... Sadie said, "I'm Sadie. I'm 3." Josie piped up, "And I'm 2! I'm 2!" The little girl tried to exclude Josie for a "big girls' club," saying, "No babies allowed. Let's go up here... no babies allowed up here!" Sadie, being the wonderful big sister that she is, replied, "Babies ARE allowed. She's my friend and she is my SISTER... And my daddy told me to say that."